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The “shout-outs” page is a place where I dump links to things I've been interested in lately. It's basically a hodge-podge of somewhat related links, quotes, snippets, bits and pieces I've found on the web and in real life.

my monthly playlists

I've been doing playlists every month since 2015, here are pages describing each playlist in more detail along with its embedded Spotify player.

Eventually, I want to distill those playlists into a definitive list of albums to save. And finally break free of Spotify's stranglehold on my music listening experience.


  • Recently stumbled upon's Library, from where I watch all of Terence McKenna's talks.
    • as a middle-class cisgender white male in the advertising (tech) industry, and a fan of rock'n'roll music, skateboard, surf, etc. I've been confronted to the “psychedelic” culture for a while now, because it is mentioned in pretty much all the media I consume;
    • in the 1990s, Terence McKenna gave a bunch of lectures about a wide range of subjects, especially about tripping on psychedelic drugs and the effects of tripping on the minds of human beings, and how it could change our shared perspective on “what is life about”;
    • it was a life-altering thing for me; I think other people might benefit from the psychedelic experience as well


  • Panpsychism (Wikipedia, via Wikiwand)

    • I know some dude was recently on Joe Rogan peddling that shit... but I've been interested in this idea for a long while now, which sounds to me like it sort of explains why we'd feel “conscious” in a very indifferent cosmos. But obviously we're far from being able to confirm that shit. It's fun to think about, though.
  • Deep Ecology (Wikipedia, via Wikiwand)

    • If I understand this concept correctly, it makes a lot of sense to me. It's a philosophy I can live by, especially in this day and age.