Fred Mercy

✺ OCTOBER2021 — Spotify Playlist


October playlists are always fun. This time around, it's again very very eclectic; some of those I found through Bandcamp, and most others are from Spotify recommendations, because I like to be spoon fed my entertainment. Trust the algorithm. Let go completely.

Anyway. Have a listen, or don't, I won't be mad.


I've been dumping my monthly finds in Spotify playlist for a while now, starting in December 2014. An esteemed colleague of mine suggested a few songs that ended up on it, that was cool. I'm glad I kept it going all those years. Music literally keeps me going.

Also, the last song on the playlist, “I Don't Live Here Anymore” by The War on Drugs is a throwback to my FEBRUARY2015 playlist, which includes another of their songs: Under The Pressure. Check it out!

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