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12:30pm: Already a month since the previous entry, where I wrote I was moving on to other projects. I didn't really do a lot of work on any web project; rather I focused on the “daily life” projects.

Did some gardening, took out the biergarten table from the shed, did some soul-searching, got depressed for a minute, found a new job at which I want to excel, and reminded myself that everything's gonna be alright.

It's no secret I maintain a strange relationship to everything in my life: it's always the love/hate kind. With my job and with the web in general, I'm always torn between two modes: a) fighting to make it in my own way, to get better at doing the things I think are important and fulfilling; b) roll with the punches, follow the hype and keep my head out of the torrent of shiny new trends, swallow my pride and do whatever's asked of a “frontend developer” these days.

My mission is still: making kick-ass web-based interfaces. I feel like this goal is achievable and even within my reach. The technological landscape is a landfill, or a minefield... I have to tread carefully if I want to make it through unscathed.


Anything else?

movies / series

  • Love, Death & Robots — I love me some animation shorts, and those are usually consistently amazing. Some great story ideas, the visuals for some of 'em are gorgeous, and it's... short! Managed to watch at least 4 of the new ones! wooooh!
  • Palm Springs (2020) — a pretty cool movie; refreshing, feel-good, funny. I'm a sucker for surreal comedies.
  • Star Trek: First Contact (1996) — randomly watched this one because I finished the whole TNG series and wanted more! It's like a movie-length Star Trek: The Next Generation episode; so it's pretty good :)


  • Hades — barely started it, I don't know if I'll find the time to finish it! It's beautiful and the gameplay is tight as the underworld (hell).
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided — also barely started this one but it looks cool.


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