Fred Mercy

✺ Mutually Assured Cancellation

9:40am: Morning everybody! 👋

Hey, what about “cancel culture”, huh? Ain't that some bullshit?!

So far I'm feeling pretty safe in my dark corner of the web: my website is basically an orphan on the network, and if I were to draw a relationship graph it probably wouldn't look too busy with connecting lines.

However, I'm being a tad too candid, too honest, and maybe too open on this blog, and it might cause me grief in the long run. I don't have a position of power and I don't expect this blog to blow up in popularity but I know that whatever I wrote in there might be end up being detrimental to my social life. After a few years, and the World has again shifted its views on what constitutes acceptable speech, what if somebody digs into my archive and finds a malformed thought? Somebody who wants to destabilize me could use that against me.

People learn, they grow, they experiment. Of course if somebody writes a lot, they'll write a bunch of nonsense. I'm not a professional writer, I'm just a kid. I'm a human being and I'm doing my best to do good, but eventually I'll slip and write something awful and I won't be able to redeem myself!

Our collective lack of privacy comes from a willingness from a lot of us to share the things we feel; our output is caught in the world wide web and we're all accountable for what we leave on that web.

It saddens me to think that we have to self-censor, at a moment in history when we have the technology to communicate with one another incredibly efficiently, and face societal crises that pretty much requires us to talk with one another to figure things out!


10:28am: We're living in a Cold War-like era of attacks vs. counter-attacks, a silent “civil way” waged online, a war of ideas, a clash of civilizations, as we're facing evermore uncertain times!

And what do we do? Muzzle each other because we don't like how so and so is speaking about this and that?

Please. If you cancel me, I cancel you, motherfucker. Mutually Assured Cancellation.



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last updated: 2021-03-24 @ 11:45pm