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✺ Nineteen ninety-seven

1:43pm: Maybe it's because we're getting old and getting nostalgic of the nineties, but my partner and I have had a bunch of movie-nights over the past few days; mostly movies from this decade, or at least around 2000. It happened sort of serendipitously, and I don't know what brought us to do it more often but I love it: I love movies!

I'd heard of two movies, since forever (or I should say since 1997, the year they came out)

Now, here are two movies with cool titles and cool actors! From what I'd read/heard so far, I knew they were good movies, but I knew nothing at all about the stories! It was awesome to revisit two "classics" of that year, and to finally watch Tarantino's third movie. By the way, the only one from his filmography I hadn't seen yet... and I didn't even realize it was a Tarantino until I saw the opening credits 🤦‍♂️

jackie brasco

3:38pm: Yes, I watched that movie high on some sativa so the plot of the movie is a bit of a blur, but Jackie Brown sure was an entertaining flick. It's a beautiful homage to blaxploitation movies here (and it was a while since the last one I saw, which was Black Dynamite)

It's a bit long and all over the place, typical Tarantino I guess, but enjoyable nonetheless!

donnie brown

3:54pm: Donnie Brasco was a joy ride, though. From beginning to end I was hooked by everything; the actors, the ambiance, the pacing... and it's apparently based on a true story (which is always handy when writing a screenplay!)

I hope their potrayal is faithful to reality, because the movie is pretty great!


~4pm: and you know what? What the hell, let me share my new finds/obsessions in terms of music:


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