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✺ Speaking of mission...

2:09pm: In an entry from this winter, I wrote that it felt like I lived “on another planet”: when days were cold, and the crisis got even more severe in my region, and leaving the house was like going on a spacewalk. 👨‍🚀

In my information-bubble, my nerdosphere, there is something going on... some sort of trend, which I'm approaching slowly but around which I'm not in orbit yet: Gemini

                  _      _
  ___ ____ __ _  (_)__  (_)
 / _ `/ -_)  ' \/ / _ \/ /
 \_, /\__/_/_/_/_/_//_/_/

What is it? It's exactly what I've been looking for. It's a stripped-down web, a protocol that focuses on serving bare-minimum documents. It's named after a space mission, and borrows a lot of lingo from that era, too (“capsule”, “CAPCOM”, “Spacewalk”, ...) 🛰

I love it already!


With this personal website, in the beginning, my goal was to use it to showcase my web-developer skills but... ahem, lately I've only been removing features, because what's ultimately more important to me is its contents.

There will come a time for more design-oriented and interactive projects, and those will be hosted alongside this website's pages. But obviously the nature of their content will be different: my web design work is more artistic and abstract, more ephemeral, and based on a hodgepodge of technologies; while my writing is purer, just a bunch of utf-8 characters in plain text files.

Okay, so Gemini is perfect for me because then I can forget about styling anything and just focus on writing stuff. When browsing Gemini, the client takes care of the formatting!

It checks many boxes:

  • minimalist
  • nerdy
  • deliciously low-tech
  • and it's new to me, so it's interesting

what's next?

I'm thinking of having some build-step that outputs my blog as a Gemini-ready site.


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