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2021-04-13 @ 10:49pm: Let's talk hardware!

Recently, I sold my 2019 Macbook Air to jump back to my much older 2014 Macbook Pro. It's still going strong, and is a joy to work with but it still shows signs of aging (no sound if headset isn't plugged in, battery life good but obviously not as good as Day 1, shuts down when it heats up too much...!)

Looking at newer models, I'm thinking... do I even need to upgrade? Only the new M1 13" Macbook Pro looks interesting, but the specs aren't incredible either. I looked at Lenovo laptops, too... not impressed. So I'm sitting this one out and waiting for something else.

2021-04-14 @ 12:47pm: Quick edit to the post: yesterday I ended up on System 76's website which is a company that sells Linux laptops, with an emphasis on good components and open-sourcing their firmware (I think?). The Lemur 14" looks pretty good and can be configured with good specs while keeping the price reasonable, at around CAD $2,000. (note: still a LOT of money!)

Am I ready for a complete switch to Linux, though? In theory, yes; but in practice it would make me less productive in my job.


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