Fred Mercy

✺ Yak Shaving

12:03pm: On this rainy Friday morning, I decided to work on that website instead of tackling more pressing tasks, as I usually do. What's new? Oh, just a thing in the footer that indicates when the website was last "rebuilt"...


Also, I continued my quest of removing dependencies from this project and it felt good to drop a couple of libraries from package.json, and shave a few kilobytes off of the javascript file! This sucker's now at a comfy 70 KB. The whole website clocks in at a hefty 6.3 MB though, which, if you use a 1 byte = 1 gram conversion rate, means that my tiny website would still weigh almost 7 tons. When I wrote about making this website "portable", this is what I had in mind, guys: what do you need to transport something that weighs 7 tons? At least a couple of Ford F-350s, if I can transport it disassembled 😄

Anyway... stay cool, and take it slow, people!


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last updated: 2021-03-06 @ 2:40pm