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✺ Ringing

2:48pm: For as far back as I can remember, I've known I have mild tinnitus. And now it sounds like I have it intensely in my right ear: it's quite distracting! Can't complain; it's not life-threatening or anything, and since I've been abusing my body for so many years with poor health habits, it's no wonder why it would start breaking down ☠️

Let's talk about COVID, though: this shit is honestly bringing me down hard, morally and psychologically. I could add physically and artistically, too, if I really loved adverbs. Seriously, you know it's gonna put a damper on our Summer Vibe here in Montreal, when everybody's gonna want to picnic in the city's beautiful parks, but nobody learned to surf so when we'll all stare down the barrel of that mythical third wave, we'd better hope it's not loaded with a live round this time ‘round!

why even have a blog?

The content I put in “drawers” (the button below) is either of less importance or too in-depth, or maybe it's just a rant.
It's something that might disappear if I were to edit the post later. (which means it can get highly sensitive)

how's everything?

Good, man... considering!

anything new on that blog?


  • a new, more "classic" header
  • a new footer!
  • moved the "language switcher", "comments", and "help" links to the footer
  • apparently, me telling my audience of 0 people about the development I do on that blog in a developer-style commit log kind of way... it's crazy, it's nerdy


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