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10:42am: Still working on this website so that I feel like I have a decent home on this weird network!

Lately I've been on a degrowth path, embracing my low-tech inclinations... it's still unclear what I'm gonna do with all of this stuff I cram in my brain, but something concrete has to be done, not just noodling around with some web shit all day that's for sure.

In terms of stuff I could share with y'all, here are the news:

  • 🕹 my gf bought Celeste recently and we had a lot of fun playing it! Too bad our PS4 is on its last leg... we might not be able to finish it (maybe we'll continue the adventure on a Linux laptop or something)
  • 💫 YouTube's grasp is still holding my attention hostage, and yesterday I got properly toasted and watched this Arvin Ash video! It's so soothing and well-made, and packed with so much good stuff that I can't resist sharing it here. It's so deeply disturbing to me, all this science... that I ended going back to Alan Watts for an even more soothing voice, and for a more spiritual perspective on existence. I found this video which is really perfect if you want to simultaneously relax and learn more about the Buddhist (and others) perspective.
  • 🗣 ...and because YouTube is relentlessly pushing for highly relevant content, I ended up watching “The Nature of Reality: A Dialogue Between a Buddhist Scholar and a Theoretical Physicist”, which is a discussion between Alan Wallace and Sean Carroll
  • 🙈 it's the little entertainement bubble I've created for myself to face the absurdity of the Universe head-on, while crawling back into my comfort zone and ignore the harshness of today's climate (social, political, or otherwise).

Today's entry wasn't so bad, eh? Short and sweet.

🙏 Have a great day, guys!

2:59pm: Taking it easy these days, mate!

I've been thinking... man, what I'm building feels like a retrofuturist version of a website. Like, mixing the aesthetic of early computer screens with web browsers' rendering superpowers, to provide something that feels much more performant and usable [note: that's the hope, at least] I grew up using a bit of DOS, and sometimes I miss the blockiness of it all; I guess I also miss the consistency of these interfaces (you couldn't use crazy colors, weird shapes, or anything... the constraints were many!)

example DOS interface another example


But it must degrade gracefully to adapt to any environment. (note: I haven't tried it but I'm kind of curious as to how it looks if I try to access it via my PS4, for example?)

Anyway: my website should be light, legible, fun, accessible, full-featured, easy to update, easy to manage, long-lasting, portable. I'll figure it out.


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