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✺ Selling your soul

2:00pm: These days I've been thinking about social media again, and about how it's just a beautiful thing. When you think about it, here's a digital tool that truly connects us all! We're able to communicate and share ideas effortlessly through space and time. We're able to form communities, join groups, make friends, change the worl-

Stop 🛑

This doesn't exist, right? Mainstream social media is simply a way to keep us hooked and give away information about ourselves to advertising companies 👀

At least, that's what The New York Times' opinion pieces are leading me to believe; but they could be pumping out this kind of article in order to get me hooked to their model (articles behind paywalls)

But hey... I kind of want to be active on those addictive social media platforms because I, too, want to be part of the action! I want to be able to monetize my videos about this niche activity which I'm gonna do in my bedroom which I recently turned into a studio. Who wants to see me play the Xen levels from the original Half-Life game while high on DMT? I could do that. Could be fun. Maybe do some live coding, where I'd share tips and tricks about HTML and CSS? Something for real nerds, like, something about vim, maybe?


How would anyone discover this content? Again, the important thing is the Network that a platform like YouTube provide. Some tech people built a castle, and now we are their court jesters, entertaining this new Royalty, and lining their pockets with gold (== data).

wed, march 10 — 10:53am: Man... I do write a lot of bullshit, don't I? This blog will get better with time, I swear! And if it gets popular, I'll even monetize it, and I'll put articles behind paywalls, hahahaha! 😈

Listen guys, I just want to pass on my knowledge, communicate my love of writing about anything at all, and have fun. Don't take anyone for granted, and don't take anything seriously (note: except, incidentally, this very advice... but only if you dare 🤪)


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