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✺ Bilinguism

10:10am: English is the language of the web, for me. The articles I read, the forums, the newsletters, the YouTube videos (!), and even this very website are anglophone.

It's not my native tongue, however; and it means I roam a different digital landscape than most of my IRL friends (this is for another post)

Lately I've been thinking of providing content for those guys, too, which brings me to tackle another big web development concept: internationalization

It's always a headache to get right, even though building websites here in Québec means that we always have to build websites with i18n in mind.

So as a personal challenge, I will attempt to tweak my current website to include French language pages and posts. I might document it as I make progress... I can foresee a lot of head-scratching and a lot of data duplication (at first) before I get it right, but I'll be happy if I do!


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