Fred Mercy

✺ Quick Update

8:58am: A new section ramblings is up: this is where I'll stick all the longer posts.

The blog should be updated more regularly with lighter stuff, dumb stuff, links, etc.

The ramblings will be about topics that make me effin' mad, or that I really love (which means I write frenetically about them)

As a Frenchman, I tend to complain a whole lot. Plus I'm cynical, acerbic, maybe even pretentious, pompous; and I like to use incredibly convoluted sentences structures, interspersed with technological jargon, chock-full of superfluous punctuation, and often devoid of real substance.

Fuck that: I want to write blog posts and ramblings in Simple English! I want to keep the needle on your bullshit-meter close to the bottom.


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last updated: 2021-03-06 @ 2:40pm