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7:01pm: Lately, I might have been reading a little too much Hacker News (guess I've found my new internet addiction) but from what I've been reading developers seem to be a bit fed up with the state of the web, and of web browsers[note: both links were found on hacker news, of course]

I'm always trying to make cool shit on the web. But the tools feel wrong: they are clunky, not super intuitive, all over the place, maybe even counter-productive sometimes! You know... it reminds me of the time when big companies' websites were built using Flash, while the rest of the low-tech web had to deal with all the HTML quirks. Truth is: we almost never really write HTML, CSS or Javascript anyway these days

I think my current mission echoes what my fellow front-end developers out there are trying to do, which is:

  • making the Internet accessible to all
  • making it simple
  • making it easy to build for

what's coming then?

This blog is an answer to the bloat of today's Internet. Many bloggers out there don't even bother with colors! (note: I for one need my colors, however!)

I hope there will be new trends in the web industry towards these goals:

  • building simpler websites: less ads, less popups, less garbage, less distractions overall
  • build for a smaller ecological footprint: lower-tech server technologies? less videos/images?
  • finding an easier way to manage the content/data that's handled by the UI: decoupling it, somehow?! (note: more research needed!)


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