Fred Mercy

✺ Slowing Down

3:27pm: Updated my blog today; new font! Man, this whole self-hosted life I wanted to built for myself is proving super difficult because I suck at managing my servers. It's really painful, and really not intuitive at all... it's confusing and also super boring. I want to be able to manage that stuff pretty seamlessly and without having to master fifty different scripting languages and configuration schemes.

I'm really curious to know what's the best way to host a website. I guess this is my next quest in life.

But for the time being, I'll take it slow. Because I'm a bit tired of running after these goals, man. Screw it, let's live a little.

where are the comments?

4:20pm: Comments have disappeared. What's up?

  • something broke in my little system, I have to troubleshoot
  • I need to change the way I handle the comments anyway
  • I'll disable the comments until it's done
  • sorry!


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last updated: 2021-02-03 @ 12:55am