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1:45pm: Yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon freaking out over the news; maybe some of you did, too?

These guys better get a grip, and soon. I can't believe these dumbasses, I can't believe the lack of security, I can't believe these social media platforms, man!... unbelievable!

1:48pm: I've been working on my website a little... added some funky things. I don't know if it performant or cool or well-coded or accessible, but I will have to figure this all out. The bookmarks page now features a very basic filtering mechanism, by tags. I've been thinking about a future “case studies” section, where I would describe my work on some projects (this is mostly for my developer profile 😄)


Been on a sci-fi binge for the past few days:
(all the links are Wikipedia articles)

  • The Midnight Sky
    • The new Netflix show; it was available and I felt like watching a space movie
    • It's not bad!!
  • Prospect
    • Found that one on some listicle online, and decided to watch it on Netflix also
    • now... this one's very good!
  • High life
    • Oh shit!!! This one I had saved for a rainy day a while back... and finally took some time to watch it
    • It's phenomenal!


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