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✺ Solstice Solace

8:42am: Being super self-analytic, and generally concerned about "my self" means that I'm selfish. But, my self-analyses are done in the hope of becoming a more equipped person to deal with the rest of the World. Too bad I was also blind to the fact that being selfless is actually a better way to connect with others, which helps with becoming a nicer person, a better friend, and a more trustworthy ally.

In 2021, I will remove the focus from me, me, me and instead turn the lens towards others. See what's up with them.

Right now however, is time for a mid-pandemic, end-of-year, oh-my-god-i-can't-deal-with-this-shit debriefing session! Here's what comes to mind:

having a child

  • life-changing to say the least; it's life generating, and it's beautiful


  • almost a year later, we're still deep in the throes of this challenge: how will we rid society of this plague?!

working from home, and working at all

  • it SUCKS! We're claustrophobic, stuck in a routine, every day is exactly the same, always on video-chat with other disembodied voices (more and more people decide to turn off the webcam, with good reasons), we can't see our friends, can't blow off steam drinking beers with the colleagues at some Irish pub downtown... pfew those were the days, eh?!
  • it's also: SWEET! We get to stay cozy at home, still wearing PJ's while we fire up the video chat, we don't have to grab some greasy/expensive meal for lunch anymore, we don't have to commute through the cold, etc.

web development

  • I have bigger ideas, but time is lacking; which is why I'm going the slowly but surely route. Once I know I can realize my vision, I will dig through my notes and I will prevail.

music making

  • I play with friends in what I call a proto-band (we don't have a name yet), but with the pandemic it's been super tough! For 2021, I wish to be able to make something happen with them!


  • (locally brewed) beer and good marijuana are just about the two best things in the world, especially when you need to chill (but everything in moderation, kids!)


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