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✺ Gonna change again

7:52pm: I've worked hard to make the new version of this website as seamless as possible; as if the traffic for it were in the millions a day instead of five, ever. What it does is rob me from the time I could have used to write about interesting things; instead I talk about rebooting this website!

This reboot will be great. We're gonna work on:

  • splitting the blog posts into two things:
    • quick updates are gonna be like this one, short and about random shit
    • thoughts will be longer posts about a definite subject
  • sorting all of those according to themes/topics, with:
    • useful, beautiful, and efficient filters, and...
    • a search functionality? woah! maybe.
  • fingers crossed: a fully-fledged music section WITH ACTUAL SONGS
  • a geekin' out section where I'll put my repositories and others experiments and what not

I'll have to stop adding features to this blog at some point anyway, because if this pandemic ends one day, I'll want to hang out with my friends and family, leave this city to enjoy the outdoors with my daughter, go to a crowded concert and dive into that mosh pit, jam with my proto-band, skateboard, breathe the fresh air of this beautiful planet, enjoy the company of my colleagues while I'm physically at work.

Only after all of these wants are satisfied will I devote time to the Web. Even though I love you Web.

8:27pm: Finished watching all of Star Trek: The Next Generation ( yesterday. Honestly this is one of the best shows I've watched: it has changed my life for the better. I loved it: it's wholesome, geeky, sciencey, etc. but ultimately it's a deeply humanist show. While I consider myself a humanist in many respects, I tend to also not consider mankind as a species that stands above everything else and should enslave the rest of life: we need to respect all life.[1]

Being a humanist means caring about the future of mankind; ensuring its survival, in the best conditions possible. I'm in. But I'm also a hippie, and I wish for this long future to be realized in loving and peaceful collaboration amongst humans, and to cohabit in harmony with most life, as humanely as possible.


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