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11:34am: My posting schedule is wacky, and I write about really random shit, but my wish for the future is to finally re-build the blog from the ground up, and have the "content editing" part of the whole thing be bulletproof, so that I can focus on writing things, experimenting on funky dev ideas, animations, maybe play music again and post songs on there, who knows?!

Anyway, I had started working on a very custom solution, which... could have worked... and it kinda does work well enough, considering I only spent a couple of days tinkering with the concepts. It was quite illuminating to force myself to do this because I new know what all the necessary parts are.

I've started the Next.js tutorial pages, and I will see if it solves my problems. The code already looks similar to my solution, so it's encouraging. A few years ago when I first tested it, it didn't quite fit. There were issues with page transitions not being easily implemented, and you KNOW I want those sweet transition animations!! (but I'll keep 'em short & schweet)

Concerns are plenty, though:

  1. I'm very uneasy about using a turnkey solution from a company
  2. Not sure whether it will match my way of doing things (although I can probably wrestle with NextJS to make it work!)
  3. Will it stand the test of time?
  4. What about performance? Static generation is cool, but is the frontend package going to be small enough?

The answers in the next few episodes.

11:45am: Speaking of episodes, I have had zero time to binge on shows, not even discover new YouTube videos. As we're easing into the colder seasons, my focus is into reading. About tech shit, of course, but also about another huge interest of mine: space.

And obviously, I have a passion for writing. It may not be interesting, but I like it: it appeases the mind. Eventually if I get better at this and other things, I might share more, and maybe try to gain in visibility. For now however, I'm very happy with tending my own semi-private garden and writing about nothing and everything.

4:54pm: Good day today: managed to make some progress on the NextJS experiment. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as productive.

Two unrelated things I did today:

  • Because I switched from a 60% keyboard to a tenkeyless keyboard, my escape key now feels a bit too high (it was on the `, or ~ key instead) so I had remapped Caps lock to Escape... and that was a mistake. I can't get used to it. My pinky can only do so much, between tabs, the left shift key, the backtick & tilde... it just didn't work for me. I know, I know, this is full-nerd territory, but I read in many places that this is something developers do and I wanted to finally try it. meh.
  • Switched to using the JuliaMono font. So far, I really like it!


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