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✺ Another Tuesday

11:07am: Yo, this is cool. I've got my new remote-work setup almost complete before I go back to work, and it feels great. New screen, new keyboard with silent red MX switches to keep things quiet... because now I'm sharing this space with my girlfriend who hates the clicky noises of my previous keyboard.

That was super geeky of me, but hey, this is my life, this is what I use every day to put food on the table, so I care deeply about those things. Now I can take it slow, and start working on some great shit!

At the end of yesterday's entry, I mentioned the Slow Movement, something I'm starting to explore. At the risk of sounding really hypocritical, I believe that we should consume less. Right now, I believe I have made consumer choices that will lead to less waste: I will probably enjoy the material goods I bought for far longer and I will enjoy using them far more than if I had settled for the cheaper options. In the future, I will try to buy second-hand products when I can help it. And sell my unused goods at a good price to whoever wants to enjoy them.

Anyway, this is not really the philosophy suggested by the movement; from what I read, it's a response to today's incredibly fast-paced society that we've created for ourselves. You may or may not feel the same way, but lately I have indeed been willing to slow down a little, to let the dust settle (one of my favorite idioms, haha), and, as they put it on their website, to “stop the world because I want to get off”. If you're tempted to shout “First World Problems!!” at me for writing something like that, well, you would be right. I live comfortably from a home in a First World country, and I find time to write about how the world is going too fast for me, what a pity!

The truth is that I was born in this machine, and now I realize — far too late — that it will not go on, that it is not sustainable, that it will instead lead to more pain and suffering. With that, I want to go on living a good life, and spend time thinking about interesting ways out of this global predicament.

2:34pm: While reading the Wikipedia article for the Slow Movement, I ended rabbit-holeing my way to the Psychogeography page, a concept I first learned while I was studying in Bordeaux and attended a conference in which a speaker described it in enough detail to keep me interested! Basically, it's somewhat related to the Slow Movement, in that it promotes "drifting" through the streets (and landmarks) of a city, without a destination, simply to observe life, the architecture, the sounds, the smells, etc.

I love it. I like to take walks through the neighborhood and discover new places by chance, just by letting my mind wander, and letting my body follow it.

8:08pm: I've been looking at all this code today, and I think I'm going to try something with this blog, to make it a little more future-proof. I don't know yet if it's gonna be good. Time will tell!


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