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3:51pm: Don't know if I'm mentioned it because it's personal but that never stopped me before so here goes: I am a father now, since March. And fuck yeah I'm busy! Busy with a ton of shit, and my heart is full full full of pure love!

Hopefully this will let me off the hook as far as blog updates are concerned, haha! But it's honestly something I want to get back to: a healthy little blogging routine, talking about random stuff, music, programming, science, people, writing, pets, love, hate, society, whatever comes to heart.

The problem is that I've started about a BILLION projects already and the blog sorta fell by the wayside. Right now and for the past few weeks, my objective was to make the whole programming framework a little sturdier, a little easier to improve, bit by bit, with small moves, you know?

If I build it, they will come.

4:02pm: Guys, you do know I'm a stoner, a hippie, a white, lanky, gawky, bonafide nerd, right? And I found the perfect binge-worthy show on Netflix, created by Duncan Trussell (official website), whose concept is so weird that it blew my mind right outta my skull, dude: this guy's got a podcast in which he talks about deep philosophical ideas with his guests, but does it with a very delightful sense of humor and with perfect... levity, with a certain je-ne-sais-quoi! if you can pardon my French.

It's called The Midnight Gospel (IMDb) and it's trippy as all heck! Much much recommended, plus it's short & saccharine.


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