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✺ A Wave Of New Shit

6:48pm: Oh wow, so first off, I finished a hard day's work, the sun is setting, clothes are drying, everything is great. And second: oh my, oh my, there is so much new stuff I've discovered lately, and I love when that happens.

I checked out httpster for some website inspiration and, following some “website by” link in some website's footer, I ended up on some guy's website... and this guy probably never sleeps. Probably lives and breathes creative code. Anyway, here's their website[1] and it's pretty crazy.

So there's a lot of stuff in there. Mostly a ton of tiny app/program available on Github, but also links to what they use everyday, software, hardware and other accessories. That's cool.

And so, via Twitter, I fall further down the rabbit hole and I end up on this which I found super funny because I'm reading this book right now! now I have a soundtrack for it

All that certainly reignites my willingness to get weird, get creative, get musical, with my projects. I really like the aesthetic, the minimalism of it all. It makes me think about maybe creating a Bookmarks page on the blog where I list all the links I've posted. Sounds like a cool and easy idea.

Another thing I found out right when I opened Twitter, is this fucking thing:

These boys can do no wrong!

8:56pm: What the heck! I went ahead and started working on a "bookmarks" page. It's very barebone, but I guess it does the trick, for now!


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last updated: 2021-03-24 @ 11:45pm