Fred Mercy

✺ Sun Power

10:02am: It's definitely the case that I'm afflicted with the SAD; okay, so it's self-diagnosed, but it sure does explain my mood. When the sun shines, it's as if I could accomplish anything, and take on any challenge. But when it's overcast and grey, it's like the world is ending and nothing matters.

When I was younger, it was like a hobby of mine to try and see what kind of mental disorder(s) I might have. As it turns out, I think the answer is as easy as: depends on the weather, dude! Nothing fancy.

By the way, the title of this entry is based on track 4 from Morgan Delt's album Phase Zero.[1]

4:33pm: And speaking of sun, man, today was a wonderful day! Pure bliss.

9:28pm: Random stupid thought: something becomes interesting when it's fed into itself. Recursion. Takes the output and feed it back as the input. So meta! Exactly, bro. This is elevated shit right here, once you go meta, you're in a whole 'nother realm!

I was so bad at math, and recursion caused me trouble when we were taught it in school! Now I love it. They don't show enough visual representations of mathematical concepts in school, I think. At least, when I was a kid, they sure as heck didn't.


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