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7:34am: Via Gizmodo (UK), I found out about Discover Quickly, which is “an independent project from a couple of Spotify developers [that] offers an amazing hack for exploring millions and millions of songs.”[1]

Discovering music is such a wonderful experience to me. I pretty much grew up during the internet's transition to a more mainstream media, and saw the birth and death of Audio Galaxy[2], Kazaa, eDonkey / eMule, Soulseek.

Those were, I'm sorry to say, illegal ways of acquiring music. But obviously, it allowed me to broaden my musical horizons, which now pretty much... well they stretch far and wide. These days I'm on Spotify like most of y'all, and ever since my first paycheck, I try to pay for the art and entertainment I want to enjoy.

Something I try to tell some people is that the psychedelic trance, or goa trance ( links) are genres that really transport you to a different plane of existence, man. What some people hear is a basic 4/4 techno beat, and some tacky synths layered on top, and dismiss the genre as boring “always-sounds-the-same” music. The way I use it is when I need to read something, or focus on a task: it's energetic, it's driving, it's repetitive enough not to distract you too much and take your attention away from what you're focussing on. It's the perfect music to get into a flow state.

7:55am: Oof, that's a lot of links in these early morning ramblings... and I didn't even have coffee yet.

4:18pm: Bought another book today, The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin. I loved reading The Left Hand of Darkness so I'm moving on to another one of her books, it'll be good to read fiction again.


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