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✺ Mastodon. No, not the metal band...

10:42am: Yup, so I'm still open to find alternatives to the Big Social Media Companies, and lately I've heard about Mastodon which would replace Facebook and Twitter. It sounds great, it's open-source and I like the name, that's dope, but I have personal opinions and/or arguments against even the idea of a social platform:

Facebook used to make me a bit depressed. Why? Because I felt like nothing was happening in my life, and my friends had way more opportunities and energy to attend events, travel, hang out with cool people. Was it all an illusion; and those friends were simply embellishing their mundane daily lives? Possible.

But ultimately, I don't care. My problem with it was the amount of information I would receive from (and about) the people I followed, the time and brain power it consumed, just to make me feel like shit. In no way did I feel closer to my friends (on the contrary), or more informed (maybe, on the contrary), or more entertained (on the contrary, it bummed me out and made me angry), or anything.

So I quit. And joining another platform, no matter how open-source, neutral, decentralized, and cool it is, isn't what I'm inclined to do just yet.

This blog is actually a reaction to it. It's the ultimate selfish move: if you wanna get news from me, this is where you come. You come to me, you don't wait until my avatar catches your eye, buried in a feed among all your friends' vacation pictures, as you scroll endlessly.

And I truly don't care if nobody comes.

11:15am: I mustn't forget to also make those posts interesting at some point! Don't worry, I'll get right to that.

2:07pm: Feeling a bit homesick so here I am, baking some burger buns, getting ready to binge on some red meat draped in cheap cheese, getting a taste of freedom.

5:32pm: Maybe I'll turn this blog into a cooking blog or something. Maybe with a YouTube channel, a podcast, and, uh... nahhh, I'll just stick to writing about nothing! By the way baking bread is long, guys.


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last updated: 2021-03-24 @ 11:45pm