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✺ Gotta Go Outside More

1:13pm: Reading is a good past time, but because the internet has itself changed and changed us, everybody's on there arguing with each other. Worst of all are the comments on YouTube, and some controversial Twitter threads, where gangs of racists motherfuckers and/or trolls are spewing hatred all over the internet.

That shit ain't new, and we need to just ignore them. Yet somehow I'm still affected by it and it's driving me away from browsing certain sites. And actually, it might be for the better; better yet for all those frustrated dweebs to go outside more and experience the real world, too.

Meanwhile, I ain't doing jack squat with my life right now, damn. I should go back to making things.

Today's a beautiful day; working from home, -10ºC outside but sunny, getting some shit done, still working on this very blog. Woohoo. Feels good.

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  • 12 Bar Bruise, by King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
  • Float Along - Fill Your Lungs, by King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

9:49pm: With this blog, I'm obviously going the lazy way, but also and especially trying to step away from web 2.0 a little bit. Screw your Disqus comments, Facebook likes, Google analytics, Google Fonts, etc. I'm going it alone. Minimalist blog. I do what I want.


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