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july 2021

  • 07/05 ya dig? just digging it, ya know?

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december 2020

november 2020

  • 11/17 Gonna change again Might be changing the formula a bit for a while before I launch a new website for real

october 2020

june 2020

april 2020

  • 04/02 Alright... This is time to change shit up.

march 2020

august 2019

  • 08/12 untitled Slowing My Descent Into Madness & Psychosis

july 2019

  • 07/06 Time Warp Stuck in suspended animation, a weird anxious feeling of finally being able to do all the things I've been meaning to do

april 2019

  • 04/30 Whooosh Life gives you lemons, and orange, and apples, and bananas and you gotta choose wisely, or else...!
  • 04/22 Optimize Everything To Oblivion Free up my time; I need to waste more of time!
  • 04/09 A Wave Of New Shit So much new stuff coming my way, I'm lowkey almost overwhelmed, but not.

march 2019

  • 03/29 Photofeed Don't wanna be on instagram no more!
  • 03/28 untitled Just another one of those days...! Man, there sure are a lot of them this year!
  • 03/25 Sun Power “Sun Power Everywhere”
  • 03/23 untitled Can I help you? — Nah, just browsing, thanks... well, actually, maybe you can help.
  • 03/22 Mastodon. No, not the metal band... Still trying to find alternatives and fight the big social media monopolies
  • 03/18 Days go by, my man Trying to keep a firm hold on that frenzy-stricken life
  • 03/15 This Might Be It Life currently feeling like a lot of waiting
  • 03/12 Wishy-washy Good old rainy day washes my blues away.
  • 03/11 The Quest Begins Feels like I'm chasing the dragon, trying not to get burnt.
  • 03/10 untitled Picking up new reading material
  • 03/08 Recursive Self-Improvements Not self-improvements if I'm the one implementing them... I'm more like a slave to the machine here.

february 2019

  • 02/20 untitled What Is This All About?
  • 02/11 Squeeze Me Like A Lime, Mash Me Like A Guacamole Goodbye, goodbye y'all! We must go but we shall return.
  • 02/09 Stone Cold Buffalo Another great post title by yours truly. Enjoy.
  • 02/05 read Productivity boost on a Monday, also I got sore muscles.
  • 02/04 Wacky Comments Coming up with a weird way of leaving comments
  • 02/03 read Snowy Sunday
  • 02/02 entry Looks like the hipster thing to do is to move away from the Big Internet Companies

january 2019