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about this website

Disclaimer: the views expressed on this website are entirely my own and are not related in any way to those of my current or past employers, friends, family, or community. But maybe they share the same views, who knows?

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raison d'être:

  • writing for my live blog, which is on the homepage
  • showcasing my web experiments (coming soon!)
  • and more generally: it's a public brain dump where I write and display anything I want to.


  • hosted by Digital Ocean
    • ubuntu 16.04
    • nginx
    • nodejs/express
  • made by me
    • open sourced on github, you can read the file for more technical information
    • its design is minimalist on purpose: the goal is to have a website that runs smoothly on almost any hardware, that's accessible, performant, legible, easy to maintain, etc.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me.


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